2018 - XIV Edition

XIV International Oenological Competition "Emozioni dal Mondo : Merlot e Cabernet insieme"

DATES: 18th, 19th, 20th OCTOBER 2018

LOCATION: PalaSpirà - Spirano (BG)












Visit to old town Bergamo.

“Let’s talk tasting” with Luigi Odello and Sergio Cantoni at the HOTEL PALACE and Welcome Dinner.


Visit to Arrigoni Cheese Factory and Gala Dinner at Il Fontanile in Gandosso


Symposium : At Sala Mosaico in Bergamo Chamber of Commerce Palace  “A view on the future of viticultural sustainability - From Genetics to Sensorial Analysis – “

Tasting Desk of Awarded Wines at Palazzo Terzi (Bergamo).


Attilio Scienza – Professor at the Agriculture Faculty of Università degli Studi di Milano – “A view on the future: why a change in the European viticulture research paradigm is necessary”.

Stefano Bertacchi – Researcher at Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca – “To be or not to be a GMO? Biotechnologies from plants to yeasts”. 

Valerio Mazzoni – Research and Innovation Center Fondazione Edmund Mach San Michele all’Adige – “Vibrational Mating Disruption for the management of grapevine leafhoppers. Summary of the two years of experimentation in the Vineyard”.

Diego Begalli – Professor at Oenology Faculty of Università degli Studi di Verona – “The marketing value of sustainability certifications.

Luigi Odello – Centro Studi Assaggiatori Brescia – “Sensorial Sostainability.” A study by Luigi Odello and Gianpaolo Braceschi.

Moderator: Giorgio Lazzari - Secretary of  Strada del Vino e dei Sapori della Valcalepio

“Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” 2018: 74 gold medals for the Competition of the Records.

The greatest news about the 14th International Oenological Comeptition “Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” concerns the winners of this edition.
The competition hosted 251 samples that really belongs to the highest starndard of production worldwide. “It’s been a really hard contest” says Sergio Cantoni, director of the Competition “we never witnessed anything the same. The rates of the winners span in a 5-points range. The OIV OIV (Organisation International de la Vigne et du Vine) regulation obliges us to award a maximum of 30% of the samples admitted to the competition. When we elaborated this year’s data we needed to look at the third decimal cipher in order to identify the winners. The 74 awarded wines all got very similar point rates”.
Emozioni dal Mondo 2018 only awarded gold medals “in fact”, as recall Cantoni “we needed to cut at a very high rate to respect the OIV limit and we couldn’t award any Silver or Bronze Medal.”

It has been quite a hard job for the 85 judges that divided into 7 committees tasted the samples on Friday 19th October 2018 at PalaSpirà in Spirano (Bergamo). The judges came from 31 Countries around the world and tasted wines produced in 25 different Countries. 

“It’s interesting to note” continues Cantoni “that among the 25 Countries taking part to the competition 19 won at least a medal. 9 Countries won more than a medal”.
The most awarded Country was Italy with 30 medals (9 of them were won by Bergamo produced wines), the second was Serbia with 9 medals. 

All of the 25 Countries were awarded with a Press Prize. The Press Prize is assigned by the Press Committee and goes to the wine with the highest rate for each Country. The Prize is awarded only if the point rate reaches the medal level. Another unicum here: one Country won two Press Prizes. “It’s an ex-aequo” explains Cantoni “and we decided to award both wines”. 

A highly intense competition, with really high and close rates. “Emozioni dal Mondo: Merlot e Cabernet Insieme never stops to amaze for its internationality and its ability to express the taste of really international committees. 

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Thursday - Welcome Dinner
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Friday - Tasting Session at PalaSpirano - Spirano (BG)
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Friday - Visit to Arrigoni Cheese Factory and Gala Dinner at Il Fontanile in Gandosso
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Saturday - Symposium at Bergamo Chamber of Commerce
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Saturday - Tasting Desk of Awarded Wines at Palazzo Terzi
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