Emozioni dal Mondo 2020: Emotions do not stop!

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International Oenological Competition “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” 2020 has been really extraordinary. The event “made in Bergamo and loved in the world", as stated in the Instagram bio (@emozionidalmondowines), got to its 16th edition. This year’s main aim was to be there, affirms oenologist Sergio Cantoni, director of the event. 


“This year more than ever, we really didn’t wanna stop. It’s been a tough spring in Bergamo, and the health situation worldwide is still uncertain. But we really wanted to organize the competition this year to show to the world that, despite everything Bergamo #molamia (namely Bergamo doesn’t give up, that was the official hashtag of Bergamo lockdown during Spring 2020). 

We did our best to organize a professional competition that was also safe from a sanitary point of view and, most importantly, emotional and engaging. 

We were in the middle of lots of discussions about what to do and how to really realize Emozioni dal Mondo but then, out of the blue, the first samples arrived. They were sent directly from Australia. That was a turning point! I mean, if someone from the other side of the globe believed in us so much, we definitely couldn’t let them down. And here we are!”.


Obviously, this was a “limited” edition due to safety reasons and to the actual difficulties in getting both wines and judges in Bergamo. 154 samples got to Bergamo from 12 Countries all around the world (Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Slovenia). 

They were tasted by 40 international judges from 13 Countries (Colombia, Japan, Italy, Moldova, Polony, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, and the USA), divided into 5 committees. 


The official tastings took place in the charming atmosphere of Castello degli Angeli in Carobbio degli Angeli (BG) that hosted the gala dinner too. 


Wine service was up to the Hospitality Training Institute of San Pellegrino Terme (BG) under the supervision of AIS Bergamo Sommeliers. 


Another confirmed partnership was that with Centro Assaggiatori Brescia that took charge of the scientific management of the Competition and the statistics elaboration of the results. 

An elaboration that brought to the assignment of 2 Great Gold Medals and 45 Gold Medals, as stated by OIV Regulation. 


Emozioni dal Mondo 2020 wanted to focus on Bergamo and decided to do it by concentrating the extra-tasting visits to the city.  The international judges were hosted in Best Western Hotel Cappello d’Oro, in the heart of the city center. The program consisted of two touristic tours: the first explored the Lower Part of Bergamo, the second the Upper Part of Bergamo. 


An extra-ordinary edition full of new rules: temperature checks, social distancing, mandatory use of masks in all the group situations, brand new and especially hygienized glasses for the tasting, many sanitary procedures during the wine service and outdoor tours. Nonetheless, Emozioni dal Mondo 2020 kept its main emotional message untouched. 

Because, despite everything, Emotions do not stop!






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