For the 17th time, All Merlot and Cabernet Roads lead to Bergamo.

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The oenologist Sergio Cantoni, director of the International Competition « Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme» opened the Welcome dinner last 14th October with this line: « Imagine Emozioni dal Mondo as a crossroad. A place where people, nationalities, expertise, and wines meet». Emozioni dal Mondo is the only International Wine Competition for Merlot and Cabernet officially recognized worldwide by OIV.

Once again Emozioni dal Mondo, once again Bergamo.
The international judges (both oenologists and journalists) arrived in Bergamo from 22 countries. They all said that this competition is a fundamental yearly appointment in their international calendar. It represents a moment to meet old and new friends, a chance to be back to Bergamo and to discover something new and unexpected.

This confirms the quality of the formula chosen in 2004. Emozioni dal Mondo, in fact, has a three-day schedule that mixes the official tasting to touristic and cultural visits and tours. 2021 in Bergamo was the year that celebrated the 500th anniversary of the artist Gianbattista Moroni's birth. Emozioni dal Mondo created a program with two guided tours in Bergamo city center focusing on artistic beauties, for example, some altarpieces by Lorenzo Lotto or Palazzo Moroni in the Upper part of the historic city center).

Emozioni dal Mondo always gives some space to the local wine production in its program. In 2021 Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio organized a special workshop focusing on organic d.o Wines produced in Bergamo. Valcalepio Focus Bio took place in the charming garden of Villa Primavera in Scanzorosciate (a former property of Bartolomeo Colleoni himself). 5 wineries took part to the event with their organic wines: Cantina Sociale Bergamasca, Il Cipresso, Le Sorgenti, Oikos, and Tosca. It was a valuable chance for the international judges to meet the producers and exchange opinions while tasting their organic wines.

The location selected for Emozioni dal Mondo 2021 was a charming one, Castello degli Angeli in Carobbio degli Angeli. The ex-monastery hosted both the official tasting of the competition and the gala dinner.

What is not new to Emozioni dal Mondo is its internationality. Both judges and samples came to Bergamo from different countries, confirming the high international relevance of this competition. 18 Countries sent samples to Vignaioli Bergamaschi headquarters to enroll them in Emozioni dal Mondo 2021. Among the others, France, Australia, Serbia, and North Macedonia (which got a medal at its very first participation). Medals confirm the internationality of the samples: 66 Gold Medals were awarded by the technical juries. 15 wines received the Roberto Vitali Press Prize from the journalists.

The complete list of awarded wines, the pictures, and a quick video of Emozioni dal Mondo 2021 are now available on

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